Potter Phreak 0006: Deathly Hallows and Plans for 2007

Hey there Potter Peeps! Sorry for the long delay between shows. Here’s a brief thought on Deathly Hallows and what’s coming for 2007! And keep the feedback coming – thanks!!

Contact info:
e-mail: truthteller [at] gmail.com
voicemail: 206-202-W00T (9008)
Skype, AIM/iChat, Yahoo!: PalmMagnate

Peace out!


One response

  1. Your podcast is very interesting. Your newest is intriguing also. What about the last 7 in the release date? There are a possible 5 7’s if you include the 07 from 7/21/07, and the 3 7s that make up 21. or 3 multiplied by 7 is 21 and/or 21 divided by 7 is 3. Lots of crazy ways to look at it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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